Landscaping that works with nature,
not against her.

Santa Fe Permaculture is a landscape consultation and design company started in 1992. The scope of our work includes a wide variety of landscaping services ranging from fine stonework to beautiful plantings, from edible gardens to erosion control, from water harvesting to xeriscape and from intimate, partially-fenced magic spots to elegant patios. By using the principles of permaculture in everything we do, we create efficient and productive outdoor living spaces that increase both your quality of life and your property value.

As a company with a conscience, here in the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico, we take water very seriously. From active water harvesting systems like underground cisterns that pump water through drip irrigation to passive systems like pumice wicks, gabions, on-contour swales, sheet mulch and gray water, we apply the gamut of rainwater collection and conservation techniques.

A natural, organic style of flagstone creates great curb appeal as do terraces built with local moss rock. Experienced designers from our team know our native and drought tolerant plants and understand how colors, shapes and textures should harmonize aesthetically. In addition to providing our knowledge and creativity, we do our very best to listen to our client's needs and desires. So we can create sustainable oases out of difficult problems caused by the usual cast of characters here in the desert: drought, flood, wind, fire, mud, erosion, people, pets, and wildlife.

Financing is also available through the Permaculture Credit Union.