Help us help you make your landscape
everything you want it to be.

Please answer the following questions in order to facilitate the design process. Of course, we will ask you more questions (verbally) pertaining to your particular property and your particular needs and desires, but it is helpful to know the answers to the following. Please fill out this form and click to submit by email or click here to download a pdf to mail of fax. Feel free to use additional paper. Thank you for your time!


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1. Do you have a favorite style or type of garden? (edibles, medicinal and culinary herbs, high desert cottage, or xeriscape)

2. Do you have any particular plants that you envision in your landscape? If yes, what are they? (Where do you envision them, if applicable?)

3. Do you have any particular color schemes that you envision in your landscape? If yes, what are they? (Where do you envision them, if applicable?)

4. Do you have any plants that you prefer we do not use? Any plant allergies? (We avoid water-needy plants in almost all situations.)

5. Would you like child-oriented areas or features in your landscape? (e.g. basketball hoop, trampoline, bean teepee, sunflower house, etc.)

6. Do you have any pets that you will allow outside? If so, please describe:

7. If this is a part time residence, what times of year will you be here regularly?

8. How many hours per week do you plan on maintaining your landscape?

9. Do you have any hobbies or activities that you enjoy that may influence your landscape?

10. Do you plan on using your landscape for entertaining large groups of people? (Please describe the size of these groups and the frequency of the gatherings)

11. Would you like a comfortable place to barbeque and/or dine outside?

12. Do you or might you in the future need handicap access to specific parts of your property?

13. Do you desire any service areas to be incorporated in the design, including compost bins, cold frames, greenhouses, storage areas, dog runs, clothes lines, trash bins, tool shed etc?

14. Are there any accent features you would like to include container gardens, sculptures, water features, birdhouses, feeders or baths, boulders and lighting fixtures?

15. Have you observed places where you would like better protection from the sun and/or wind? If so, where?

16. Have you observed any places where water collects and/or moves across your property causing any erosion and/or drainage problems? Which canales or downspouts have the greatest flow?

17. If there are any particular views that you would like to preserve, or views that you would like to screen, please describe them:

18. Do you have any existing water harvesting systems (cisterns, multi-flows, pumice wicks, or greywater)? If not, are you interested in incorporating any of these into your design?

19. Are there any building regulations, codes, or homeowner rules we need to be aware of?

20. Is there anything else that you would like us to know about your landscape or your specific needs and desires.

21. Please let us know how you heard about Santa Fe Permaculture.